Arpeggio Abyssinians & Somalis

CH = Champion
GC = Grand Champion
DGC = Double Grand Champion
TGC = Triple Grand Champion
QGC = Quad Grand Champion
SGC = Supreme Grand Champion (requires achieving QGC and then getting a Best Cat in a final on a separate day)
Add an A at the end of any title = Alter

RW = Regional Winner
IW = International Winner
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Somali Females
My name is "Gracie", short for Arpeggio Amazing Grace. I'm a Black Silver Somali and I'll be going to shows as an adult starting on July 16th, so I don't have any of those fancy titles yet. Come and browse through our cattery and visit with all of my friends and relatives here at Arpeggio. We love to have visitors, so make yourself at home, in our home, and don't mind "Mini" - he just might jump on your shoulder and go for a ride!
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